Apple Sold By & Coverage по SN (Текст)


Пример получаемой информации:

Model: iPhone 11 Pro Max 64GB Midnight Green
IMEI: 35391610715XXXX
IMEI2: 35391610718XXXX
Serial Number: FK1ZW5U1XXXX
Product Sold By: MAC CITY SDN. BHD.
Coverage Status: Out Of Warranty (No Coverage)
Estimated Purchase Date: 01/14/20
Purchased In: Malaysia
Loaner: N
* Final Repair coverage is determined at the part level.
* This unit is eligible for additional part coverage, check at the part level for coverage.
* GSX indicates that this product is out-of-warranty. If you or the customer believes the product is within its warranty period or covered by an AppleCare Extended Service Agreement, upload a proof of purchase.


Срок поставки: 1-12 часов

Оптовые заказы разрешены: Нет

Тип заказа: Серийный номер

Тип обслуживания: Сервер

Проверка результата: Нет

Отмена разрешена: Нет

Обработка заказов: API