User agreement with server rules

By registering on the website, you automatically agree to the following conditions for the provision of services, and there will be no exceptions until the administration of the website applies them. This means that technical issues, disputes, cancellations, blocking, unlocking, activation or retrieval of information will be applicable to the conditions indicated below.

1. Registration is a prerequisite for the full use of all services of the site. Free registration.

1.1 The data of registered customers is confidential and cannot be transferred to third parties, with the exception of an official request from law enforcement agencies.

2. The availability of funds on the user's balance is a prerequisite for ordering any site services.

3. All calculations of orders are made only in loans 1 credit = 1 US dollar.

4. Credits on the user's balance are stored indefinitely, in full and at any time, can be used by the user to order any site services. No commissions,%, and other expenses for the storage of funds will be charged.

5. Withdrawal of funds from the balance is possible only by prior arrangement (before payment and ordering the service) with the Site Administration, at the discretion of the Administrator and the availability of technical capabilities.

6. When ordering any service, you are fully aware that you are ordering, why and how to use the result. All actions with the result of the order received on the site, you carry out under your full responsibility.

7. After ordering the service, it is impossible to cancel the order on your own, including cases of delayed execution beyond the stated indicative dates (the exception may be orders that are previously negotiated with the Site Administrator prior to ordering).
If you need to cancel the order, you should immediately contact the Site Administrator, indicating the IMEI or S / N of the order, the reason for the cancellation and receive instructions from it (if the service has the possibility of cancellation at all).

8. The deadlines for the execution of orders indicated on the website are indicative and subject to change. Most often we work on weekends and holidays, but these days the processing time of orders is not standardized.
When calculating the approximate date of order processing, it is necessary to take into account working and non-working hours, weekends and holidays, as well as unforeseen delays and interruptions in the work of partner servers, which sometimes happen.

9. We do not guarantee full unlocking of the phone using our service, because in some cases, if the phone has already been tested and its counter variable is locked, the code provided by us will not work, and we do not offer a refund, since the loans were paid in advance to the service provider, therefore, please make sure that these criteria are not violated before you buy or use our services.

10. If it is impossible to execute the order of any service, a refund to the balance automatically occurs with a detailed notification of the user about the reason for the refusal.

11. If you received an incorrect NCK code or an incorrect result of any other server service, immediately report it via the Personal Messaging system on the site indicating the IMEI or S / N of the order, and you will receive detailed instructions on how to deal with this situation.

12. You need to be aware that the locking and unlocking of devices of certain brands (Apple, Samsung, LG and some others) is done in the server databases of these brands and / or device blocking operators, and not locally in the software of the device itself.
For such devices, there is always a certain share of the likelihood of a re-lock (relock) in the manufacturer’s and / or operator’s database due to technical malfunctions of the databases or for any other reason (statement of the former owner about loss, theft and other reasons).
Our server cannot and does not bear any responsibility in such cases. Including, refunds paid earlier for a successful unlock are not made.

13. In a controversial situation, the Administration may require a user to scan a payment document or a screenshot of an electronic wallet to confirm the fact of transferring funds, just like any user, if a payment is not credited to his balance, may require and receive an extract or a screenshot of the operations of any payment system used by our website .

14. All correspondence, through any of the communication channels, with the Site Administration is confidential information. Publication anywhere or the transfer of any information from this correspondence to third parties without the written consent of the Administration is prohibited.
In turn, the Site Administration is obligated not to publish or transmit to anyone personal data of the user, the contents of correspondence with the user, data from user orders and the results of order processing, and any other confidential user information.

15. Any changes on the site (the Rules, information, descriptions, terms, prices, conditions and other) come into force from the moment they are published on the site.

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