About us

Welcome to our site 3GSM.ru

3GSM.ru is a modern service for remote unlocking and repair of phones, modems, smartphones, routers. We are constantly evolving and today we are trying to provide the best prices and the best service for our customers. We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of repair and unlocking mobile devices, thereby we can always provide qualified advice. If you have been looking for a quality service for a long time that will help you with unlocking your phone in a short time, it's time to contact 3gsm.ru.

Why do most choose us?

- Reliable. Thousands of happy customers trust us.

-Great experience. Our team is professional and have many years of experience working with smartphones and networks.

- Delivery on time. In addition to our instant services, there are services that require several hours or days to process. We try to always provide them on time.

- Long term prospects. We strive to keep abreast of new updates to meet the needs of our customers.